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Stick to what you know, and upgrade!

Are you grounded in your foundation and your truth? Or do you, lack confidence in yourself, and pride in your skills!?

Reminder: You Are Relevant

Outside of Social Media - You are relevant. Someone needs you. You need you.

A "Brand” With No Sales

What if I told you I literally started my first successful company out of the trunk of my car; no packaging, no logo, no website...

Wanting Too Much, Too Soon

Have you ever wondered why, after working so hard for so long, you still can't seem to afford the things you want or live the life you desire?

How To Avoid Distractions

In order to push forward, you must shed the weight of all your past behaviors.

5 Characteristics of the 1%

Who is the '1%' that the world talks so much about? What's so special about them and why 1%?

Anger Is Blinding

Have you ever lost your keys/remote and find yourself getting extremely frustrated, sweaty, angry, feeling like your day is going wrong!? It’s so intense that you just say “to hell with it” and you...