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Article: Reminder: You Are Relevant

Reminder: You Are Relevant

Outside of social media.

You are special. You are smart. You are kind. You are naturally beautiful. You are genuinely loved. You are well known. You are fun. You are healthy. You are important. You are free.

Outside of social media.

You are successful. You are talented. You are confident. You work hard. Your work is great. Your colleagues support you. Your system is legit. You are consistent. You do your research. You read. You're educated.

Outside of social media.

You take care of your family. You're a super parent. Your kids adore you. You hand down your knowledge. Your partner supports you. You support your partner. You laugh, cry, disagree, apologize, break up, and get back together.

Outside of Social Media.

You are relevant.

Someone needs you.
You need you.
Outside of social media.


xoxo Francheska

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“Outside of Social Media” echos deep,
The dependence runs deep,
The urge to resist must be reinforced with an even deeper sense of commitment to be better. This is one of your best 👌

Mario Brooks

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