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Article: Stick to what you know, and upgrade!


Stick to what you know, and upgrade!

On social media, we scroll endlessly, witnessing the accomplishments of others. How much money they are making and the lifestyles they're living. It naturally leaves us thinking - "maybe I should do this, or, I should do that!"

You're doing this because you aren't grounded in your foundation, your truth. You are doubtful, lack confidence in yourself, and pride in your skills. 

I remember a short moment in my life, being paralyzed just watching the lives of Social Media "Boss Girls." I used to think, mehn, I'm not charging enough for my products or services, or maybe I'm not doing enough, simply because I didn't appear the way they did online. I was close to ending everything I'd been building and turning to a profession that appeared to be lavish with high-ticket sales.

One day, so wrapped up in those thoughts, I forgot to return my client's phone call - who was ready to pay her (healthy) invoice! That was the day I woke up from my paralysis!

After taking care of my loyal clients, I sat up and updated my financials for that year. By September, I had already generated $92k. I realized I'd been fortunate to have the time and freedom to lay in bed scrolling the internet on a Monday afternoon, with not much on my to-do list other than collect $.

It is always so much easier to look on the outside rather than look within. But thank God for mirrors because when I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror that day, I said, "you are IT, you are HER, SHE IS YOU! Stop playing around and boss up! Stick to what you know and upgrade!"

Let's talk about my apartment.

I'm currently living in a space my grandfather had built connected to his house. He used this space as his get-a-way / library. When he passed away (bless his intelligent soul), the family allowed me to have it as my own.

It was very dark inside, street level with no views, and located near the hood. Not as inspiring as those high-rise apartments with ceiling-to-floor windows that we see on Social Media, but it was rent-free! Just simple utilities to pay, and that's it. Large enough for my little family to live comfortably.

In a previous blog post, I talk about my craving for that "house on the hill" we all want. I invested a hard-earned $50k cash into this dream and lost it all because the timing was too hasty and premature. 

Since then, I've developed a new kind of calm. I started to appreciate the things I already had and upgraded them. So back to my apartment...

I then deep cleaned my apartment, had some walls knocked down to make space and give a more minimal, lofty appeal, and I made the windows bigger for more light and fresh air. I am super happy and filled with gratitude waking up here every single morning while I work on scaling my businesses.

My final project was to fine-tuned my business processes and automations so that I'd stop feeling overwhelmed, doubtful and distracted.

~Takeaway ~

Stick to what you know. Appreciate what you have for now and upgrade piece by piece! 


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