How To Avoid Distractions (2 Min)

You’ve made the decision, to get your sh** together. No more playing around, no more procrastinating, no more struggling. You’re busy doing your due diligence; studying, researching, sharing and promoting your work or performing for that raise! You know, staying focused!

You are changing. Becoming a better you. People are noticing, they are impressed, they are complimenting. Some…get as far as pulling a casual conversation out of you. You enjoy that conversation. Then one, turns into two, four, six conversations, because you’re human, and you want it!! But the question is, do you NEED it…right now?

You fall for the curiosity, of this new ‘thing’, and you find yourself being slowly thrown off course. You start losing your ideas, your creativity gets shot and you just get lazy about your work.

When in self development mode: you may not be the most favored person.

In order to push forward, you must shed the weight of all your past behaviors. Some people just cannot come on this ride with you. They will not like being shunned, ignored or put to the back of the line. But this is the sacrifice you would have to make, if you want to see change. Some things must be forgotten about or discarded. Some emotions and old habits must be put to rest.

People will love what you are doing and want to be a part of your life and your work. Things will start looking extra shiny and tempting to indulge. But it is important that you put everyone and everything through the qualification process before they can come along with you on this ride:

  • Does this inspire me?
  • Does it challenge me?
  • Does it motivate me?
  • Does it teach me?
  • Will it help me grow in MY direction?
  • Can it create opportunity?
  • Does it introduce quality to my life?

If even one of these questions are answered with a no….that person or thing has got to go!

A good friend of mine and I had a conversation about this. And the summary of this convo was: in order to elevate your life, you must elevate your surroundings. Since then, I’ve decided to go the extra mile, to put myself in positions that would only help me; not confuse me or make me think twice about the person I’m becoming. I am building the strength and courage to be okay with walking away from the people and things that throw me off-course. 

The scripture Proverbs 13:20 says: “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”

Chaplain Ronnie Melancon Says: “Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future.”

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