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We are a full-service Digital Marketing Agency offering innovative online solutions to small, mid-sized and large companies throughout the Caribbean. Our agency positions itself as a leader in Digital Marketing, Advertising, Web Design, E-commerce, SEO, and other Branding and Design services. 

We take pride in building clean, functional and user-friendly online automations that work for our clients while they are busy running their day to day operations.



In 2013, Michelle Moreland started designing jewelry for her hometown in the Virgin Islands.

After 3 months of selling jewelry from the trunk of her car, she formed an official Retail and Wholesale Company with a personal investment of $700 and grew it to $1.3M by her 5th year in business!

Using her exceptional marketing strategies and self-taught skills in online advertising, she was able to sell the same popular jewelry collection online and in various stores throughout the Caribbean for 10 years without overworking and living a simple, minimalist lifestyle, while raising her 2 daughters!

As a freelancer in 2020, Michelle started sharing her Marketing knowledge and expertise to help other business owners operate and grow their businesses using her functional methods.

Now as a full service Marketing Agency, Revamp'd Marketing now offers much more Digital Marketing Services to a growing clientele in the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean, with the help of a small skilled, talented and disciplined team.

Michelle and the team at Revamp'd offer the following services:

Websites for Service Businesses

Event / Informational 1-Page Websites

SEO Services

Logo Design

Google Listing Setup

Google Search Ads

Social Media Management

Social Media Ads

Email Marketing

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